Friday, January 23, 2009

Trader Joe's Just Mango Slices Are Truly Amazing.

Seriously. They are. Have you tried them? You must. Ingredients: Unsulfured, unsweetened dried mangos; deliciousness. That's it. They have all the positive aspects of candy and crack with none of the draggy side-effects.

But I really just needed a title.

Things are good. Last night I saw one of the casting directors for "Grey's Anatomy" for the second time, and it went well. He also remembered me, which was exciting. I also saw a woman from "House" last weekend, which did not go as well... This workshop place gives you the sides ahead of time, which is great, because you can memorize and do some character work. But I find that the longer I have the scene, the longer I have to stress about it and feel bad about it if it isn't where I feel like it should be and I get in my head and blah blah blah. It's silly. So I'm working on that.

I heard from both shows that they don't hire non-union at all, just SAG-Eligible and SAG. I knew that was usually the case, but hearing that they are very definitive about it reminded me that I really need to get my third voucher. I have this optimistic unrealistic idealism that SAG eligibility is going to fall into my lap because someone is going to discover how amazing I am and how I am the Only One Who Can Do This One Thing and I won't have to do any more extra work (not that there is anything wrong with that) and it's just going to magically happen.

It may be time to move past that. I'm one voucher away. I should go do some more extra work.

I also had my first commercial audition this week, for a Zyrtec print ad. It was the best sort of first commercial audition, because it really and truly had nothing to do with my ability whatsoever. Based on looks. Can't do anything about 'em. I was totally fine. The role was for "curvy/chubby jogger." Let me tell you how much I loved that. Trying to focus on the "curvy" part. I also thought it was sort of funny that that was the first thing my new agent sent me on.

Oh! Yeah! I got an agent!!! So the meeting went well. He is going to send me out commercially for now. I asked about theatrical and he said he can't really send me out until I'm SAG-Eligible or on IMDB, which I understand, especially after the latest round of CD workshops. Hmm. Maybe I should go do some more extra work. Both SAG-e and IMDB were already goals for this year. So I'm working on that.

I had a callback today for a student film. I was reading for the lead girl and this guy leaned over and whispered to the director. She had me read for the friend, they re-directed, and then she was pretty funny: "Wow. That was - you took that direction really well. I'm going to call you. Would you mind playing the friend? I'm definitely going to call you." I thought it was sort of funny. I'll believe it when she calls, but it was fun.

Final thing in this Ridiculously Long Post Because I Forgot I Have Things To Talk About: I had lunch with a friend from Macalester who happens to be an agent-in-training at a huge (Top 5) agency. It was fun to re-connect and power lunch in Beverly Hills. I'm excited to have another friend in LA and excited to have another industry connection.

It's been a great January.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Industrial shoot! Agent meeting!

It's fun to have things to talk about. :)

The industrial shoot was very fun. Three person crew, all were pleasant and personable. We were joking a lot, which was imperative since my co-star was my diaphram. Also our cat, Luna, jumped in and worked for some of the shots. During the others I relegated him to his trailer (our bathroom). I just did what I was told and changed clothes a lot. Super easy money. The shoot ended with me and Xan kissing, which was a first. (I mean to film it. Not to kiss. We have done that a few times.) Aside from me being awkward when they were leaving and not riding down in the elevator with them, it was a success.

My agent meeting this morning went well...I think. I was in there for all of 13 minutes, but I think we hit it off. The first part was pleasant small talk, then he asked if I had been going out a lot lately. I told him I shot something yesterday and talked about that casting person and knowing Bonnie from the showcase. He asked if I had met with any other agents lately, and I said "No, not lately..." (Which is not a lie!) And then that was it! It ended so abruptly that I was totally taken by surprise and I didn't get a chance to tell him who knew my work, that I am one voucher away from SAG eligible, who I'm meeting in the next few weeks... He said he would look at the rest of my pics on actors access and then give me a call tomorrow to "get me set up." I'm being cautiously optimistic that that means I'm in, I'm just not sure in what capacity. The only thing that made me doubt it being a good meeting was its shortness. Brevity is the soul of...a good agent meeting? Hopefully. I'll let you know.

Regardless, I felt immense joy driving down Sepulveda with the windows rolled down singing Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs on another beautiful and ridiculously warm day in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Diaphram Got Me a Job

Can't wait to see the hits that blog title brings.

I just booked a women's health industrial based on my headshot, having a boyfriend, and my ownership of a diaphram. (I don't use it. Does that push this whole post more or less toward TMI?)

We're shooting in my apartment, which is a little weird, but the woman sent me a website to see their other work and it seems pretty legit. I'll let you know.

Watch the internet and your local OB-GYN office to catch me, Xan, and my diaphram. In a totally non-sexual way, I promise. Or else I'll have a really interesting post for tomorrow...

Tomorrow is my agent meeting! Fingers crossed!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resolution Amendment

I know amending a resolution sort of defeats the whole purpose, but you'll shortly see why it's necessary.

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2009 was to never skip an audition. I skipped an audition for a student film back in October, and it was the LAST AUDITION I GOT IN 2008. A sign? Maybe not, but I decided to take it as one and not do that again.

Well, this week I got called in to audition for an "original play" with a dubious title at a theatre I had never heard of. (Why did I submit for this? This is a question I have asked myself at least 7 times already.) I went back and forth, wondering how I could ask to see the script before I went. It also turned out to be sort of a hassle to arrange it so I could have the car to get there, but owing to my resolution, we did it and I drove for 2 hours this morning before work so that I could go to the audition.

And it was a mistake.

My gut was telling me not to go, but I went because of my resolution. Hence the need for an amendment.

I reserve the right not to go to an audition if it seems to be shitty, either from the correspondence with the casting person or upon further review of the breakdown. I also promise to hold myself accountable and not do "meh" submissions when it is against my better judgment. I owe myself both of those things. I try not to be high and mighty or take myself too seriously, but the truth is that there are some things that just aren't worth my time. So I shouldn't go audition for them. Makes sense.

I did see someone I knew there. That's always fun. We read together and then stood outside and sort of had a laugh about it. And it got me out of the office, which has been particularly heinous today. So not a total waste of a lunch break, but close. I also re-discovered that I had the song "You's a Ho" on a mix cd my sister gave me years ago. I love that song. That was the highlight of the whole thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!

Well, folks, it's here and it's good: The Future.

Hope the holidays treated everyone fairly. I had a (mostly) great time at home and it was fantastic to see my family. I returned to LA jazzed and ready for 2009.

You know, that's actually not true. I was very sad when I was coming back. I got bumped and then un-bumped, so I sat in Business Class unable to enjoy my consolation prize of free drinks and more leg room and feeling sorry for myself for coming back to an empty apartment and a job that isn't what I want to be doing. I was feeling like the future was stretching out bleakly ahead with nothing interesting or sparkling in sight. And a week later (one little week!) I feel better, because I was wrong.

In the last week, I have seen two amazing and inspiring movies that reminded me of why I am an actor - Doubt and Revolutionary Road. I think Doubt was the best translation of a play to film that I have ever seen. I studied abroad with Frank Wheeler's affair in Revolutionary Road, so it was very fun to watch her. Xan discovered an awesome story about Michael Shannon, the guy who plays John Givings, the lunatic. Firstly, he was phenomenal, and definitely deserves a Best Supporting Actor nomination, in my humble opinion. Apparently he is one of those examples of an actor who paid attention and read the trades and when he saw that Revolutionary Road was being cast, he knew he was perfect for the part from reading the book, contacted his manager, Sam Mendes knew of him from theatre in London, and bam! he got the part. Well, I'm sure there was more to it between Sam Mendes and bam!, but it gives me great hope to hear stories like that. Especially when he was absolutely fantastic in the role.

Seeing those films really shook me out of my wallowing, and in my shaking I remembered all the things I'm doing to move forward - I've been doing my New Year's mailing, started two new classes this week, signed up for four casting director workshops this month, and lo and behold I've been getting called to audition! The town feels like it's waking back up a bit, and I'm waking back up with it. 2009 holds great things, and I'm going to have my hand fully in making them happen.

I walked down the street in the sunshine today and realized I was smiling for no other reason than being happy in the sunshine. It made me smile even bigger. I wish you all sunshine and smiles!

(I will never subject you to this brand of warm fuzziness again, I prom-- I better not promise. I'll do my best.)