Friday, February 29, 2008

A week from opening...

and we haven't finished blocking the show. I really am back in theatre!!!

Rehearsal today was pretty good...we finally got to my monologue, which I appreciated. I have to sing "Ne Me Quitte Pas" and am struggling some with the French, since I don't speak it. I also learned that I sing a verse in English as well, so I've got to find that. I need some time this weekend to work on it, but I'll have to make it, since I'll be working (finally - March is going to be fiscally ugly). But. It's necessary, as I don't want to make an ass of myself during the performances. Most of the rehearsals we haven't had the full cast there, which is frustrating, and people are often pretty late, but I think we'll pull through. I'm trying to just worry about myself and make sure I know my stuff.

We auditioned for "Bus Stop" the other night, and I felt good about it. But then they posted again online and had another round of auditions, which had not previously been scheduled. Hopefully that doesn't mean that we sucked. Fingers crossed - there were perfect parts in the show for both me and Xan. We'll see.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Want a World with No Takebacks

Thursday morning I got a call from someone who wanted to cast me in a student film without me auditioning. "Yeah! I go to Bethel (which is in Minneapolis) and saw that you went to Macalester and I'd love to work with you. We shoot Saturday." Flippin' sweet. I got cast without auditioning. That rocks.

And then she left me a message while I was at work Thursday night, and she took it back. She un-cast me. "Hi, I talked to you earlier, I decided to go with someone else, it had nothing to do with you. Sorry." WTF???

Who casts someone without auditioning them and then uncasts them before they even see how good they are? Probably not someone I want to work with, that's who. Sigh. But I'm still miffed. And I still need to do some film stuff.

We start rehearsals again today - we haven't rehearsed since last Tuesday because the director is opening another show. I'm a little nervous. I'm not exactly sure why.

Friday I went to an audition for a poker commercial. When I submitted, it said "must have experience playing Texas Hold'em" and I decided that if I got called in, I'd learn how to play. Well, I did. So I learned, and in the audition, I won against the three people I was playing. It was pretty funny. I had to lie about my Texas Hold'em experience. He asked what kind of player I was, and I said I had a problem being too aggressive of a player. "But sometimes it pays off! (Insert phony laugh here.)" Haven't heard anything. Yet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Much excitement is necessary, because I GOT CAST IN SOMETHING. Finally. After six months of auditioning. Yay!

Last week I went to an audition that I wouldn't have been able to go to, but my temp job fell through. So I learned the monologue from the show the night before, and I went. I was going from Santa Monica, and it took me over an hour in traffic to get there, I was in the room for 7 minutes, and I sat in another hour of traffic to get back.

While in the room for 7 minutes, I managed to forget the last 3/4 of my monologue. This has never happened to me. I've botched things before and skipped parts, but never like this. The monologue went "Poof!" and it was gone. Nothing. I couldn't even remember the ending. So I stopped and said "I'm sorry, I lost it." After that, he looked at my resume and saw the "Guys and Dolls" credit. He asked me to sing "I've Got the Horse Right Here" or whatever it's called, so I did. And then I left. Feeling terrible. Because I totally blew my audition. I was upset, because of the few things an actor has control over in an audition, knowing your lines is first. And I blew it. I drove through traffic full of self-loathing, talked to my sister, yelled at some stupid drivers, and felt a little better.

Jump shot to Sunday morning, I check my email and see a note from the email address. I opened it, thinking it was a "Thanks for auditioning, but you sucked, and we chose someone who sucked less" email, but it wasn't! It was a "you're in the show email!" I was shocked. Elated. Flabbergasted. Ecstatic.

The show is called "Diary of a Catholic School Dropout" by Layon Gray, who is also directing. It's been in rep basically since 2003, with a different cast every month or so. We are the 92nd cast. I really like the script, there are 9 women and we all have monologues as well as some dialogue together. Layon called it a "choreoplay." We've had two rehearsals so far, and we go up March 7th.

I am so excited to be working. It feels fantastic. I needed this. Thank you, Universe! (The Secret can't hurt, right?)

Let me know if you want to fly to LA to see it! You can sleep on my couch!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Here it Comes - The "What Am I Doing With My Life" Post

So...What Am I Doing With My Life????

I decided about a month ago that I didn't want to go to grad school, at least not right now. I grappled with the decision as I looked over the materials I received in the mail, and then filed them away once I decided it wasn't for me. Now a friend from high school and college is coming to LA to audition and I'm freaking out. Why on earth did I decided I didn't want to audition for the best program in the country, when there is no fee and they are coming practically to my doorstep???

One of the main reasons I didn't apply initially is that I don't have three people to write letters of reccommendation for me, which is sad and unacceptable. I had a great experience working for MCT, but I shot myself in the foot since I took myself out of commission for almost two years and didn't work with any directors. Now I find myself almost three years out of college and having a crisis of confidence. And a crisis of letter-writers.

I'm very torn. I don't know what to do.

Also, I'm broke. But I'm working today, which is good. Since I'm broke, I went shopping on my lunch break. I didn't mean to, but I bought something. I bought a starlet dress. Because I'm going to be a starlet, dammit. Or at least a working actor who can afford to buy a $20 dollar dress on her lunch break. (It was way on sale. I feel like I won, buying a dress for $20 in Beverly Hills. I just looked at the tag, and it was originally $198.00. Utterly. Absurd.)

Also, we reduced our hours at Trader Joe's so we're only there two days a week, which is very nice. Yesterday I was actually having a very enjoyable shift until an a-hole customer at the end really pissed me off, but I'm not going into that. While I was having a nice exchange with one couple, they were telling me that they were musicians, and I asked what kind, and the guy said "I play with a band called Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - have you heard of them?" And I said, "Are you serious?" Very smooth, Lauren. Very Smooth. And, as I was bagging their groceries, he told his wife "She looks like that girl from Match Point - the American one." And his wife said (somewhat incredulously but I'm ignoring that) "Scarlett Johannsen?" "Yeah, her!" And I said, quite emphatically, "Thank you!"

So. Me and my broke ass are getting dressed in our on-sale dress and going out for a drink to figure out what we're doing with our life. And I look like a really hot starlet. And I don't have anyone to write me letters. And I'm in crisis mode. But February always sort of sucks, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feeling Rather Blah

Lame title, sorry. I'm feeling rather lackluster.

Yesterday Xan and I were 2 of 400 extras on a Verizon commercial. The highlight of the day was getting to see my other boyfriend, the Verizon Guy. He looked at me. I wanted to tell him that I thought they should cast me as the Verizon Girlfriend and have a commercial about the Verizon Guy and the Verizon Girlfriend. Sadly, the opportunity never arose for us to chat. Oh well.

This extra experience was not a particularly fun one. We were being used all day, which is usually nice, but we were standing the whole time and it was cold. The worst part by far was when the 350 of us who were wearing Verizon shirts had to check out with wardrobe, who had taken our driver's licenses (!) in exchange for the shirts, and they had no system to deal with the line of people. Then, the casting agency had no system to deal with handing out 400 people's vouchers, so they were just calling numbers out at random. It sucked. A lot. And then some guy practically ran me over in the crowd trying to get his voucher.

I hate that this has become a list of complaints, whining, and woe is me's. I should get cast in something so I can write something positive.

I had another audition for a student film today. I was supposed to be "punk." I wore my red studded belt and black eyeliner. Now that's character work.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three auditions

Number of auditions I had scheduled during a 2 hour time period on Saturday after work: 3
Number of auditioners who were actually there when I arrived: 2
Number of auditions I rocked: 1
Number of calls I have received: 0
Almost killing myself trying to cross the 110 getting to USC for a crappy audition: Priceless

Oh yeah. And I had one on Friday too. I have heard nada.

But I do have a new pimple. YES!!!!