Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brains of Minerva

I found a ridiculous amount of awesome information today, mostly from my new favorite actor website, Brains of Minerva. I wanted to make sure to share it.

This has been a rainy LA week of auditions for me. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12 of 12

First 12 of 12 of 2010. I'm doing it, even though I'm at work and struggling not to bore you all with the inane minutiae of my day. Thanks as ever to Chad Darnell for the idea.

1 of 12 - Green tea. I'm a week in to switching from coffee. It's up and down.

2 of 12 - Blood orange snack.

3 of 12 - I'm afraid this isn't going very well cause I'm busy at work and forgot to whip out the camera on my exciting lunch break trip to the ATM, post office, and Trader Joe's. View of the ocean from the office. Also me, on the way back from a trip to the printer.

4 of 12 - View looking south. The clouds look neat.

5 of 12 - I can never make it through a whole day in these things.

6 of 12 - I know it's a bit redundant, but I thought the sunset was pretty.

12of12 FAIL. I'm sorry. I'll try better for February.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Leeky Scallops with Squash "Pasta"

I really like to cook, and I like to take photographs. Yesterday I was inspired to combine the two likes and post my cooking adventures, when I remember.

Last night we made Leeky Scallops with Squash "Pasta." The scallops were an adaptation of Rachel Ray's Leeky Linguine with Shrimp, which is delicious when made according to the recipe, but we had scallops on hand and are trying to slim down, so we substituted the pasta with Zucchini "Pasta." We eat zucchini like this at least once a week in our house. It's delicious and versatile. I like it alone with salt, pepper, and parmesan, or with pasta sauce.

Anyway. Here are the scallops in process:

And here is the finished product, the scallops and sauce stirred together with the squash and topped with parsley and parmesan:

The scallops were a touch overcooked for my taste, but overall it was pretty delicious.