Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quarterly Report?

Cast and crew of 11/11/11 at
Big Bear Horror Film Festival
Apparently sporadic posting is all I can manage these days. I'll try to be better. (Who am I kidding...I've said this before. But truly. Perhaps a new leaf shall be o'erturned.)

Made it to the Big Bear Horror Film Festival for the screening of 11/11/11, which was a blast. So exciting to see the movie, and to have so many familiar faces from Theatre of NOTE in the cast. The trailer is up on Asylum's page, if you'd like to see it. I'm not in the trailer, but you may recognize fellow NOTEr and AllMySons-er Nicholas S. Williams in there... Full movie will be streaming on Netflix starting November 1.

We're scary.
This weekend I'll be performing in Haunted House of Improvised Horror at iO West for the second year in a row. I'm stoked - last year's shows were deadly fun. (Get it?? See? I'm funny.)  I lost my clothes in one and got eaten by a giant pot plant in another. Good improvised times. Please come to the show if you're in LA - Friday 10/28 and Monday 10/31 on the iO Mainstage at 10pm. Seriously, Hollywood is a great place to be on Halloween weekend. Very low-key and family-friendly...

You and your friends tied any office chairs together recently? My friends and I have. We had a fantastic time being Office Rowers in a Nokia spot at the beginning of the month - if you're stuck on trying to figure out what an Office Rower is, imagine a line of rolling office chairs being "rowed" and pulling a coxswain with a megaphone... can't wait to see this one. We had a blast. My legs were sore for days. I was excited to work with Company again and get to meet the good folks over at People Farm Casting.
Concord Crew = Best. Rowing. Team. Ever.

I continue to love NYCA and San Diego County Credit Union! They re-negotiated to use footage from the commercial I shot in January for an industrial, and then called me in to do voiceover for a radio spot. I went to ON Music and Sound last Friday, met our wonderful sound engineer Tony, and fellow voice actor Terry and I were in and out in 40 minutes. This was my first time doing voiceover - um, nobody told me how much fun it is!

This weekend I'll start rehearsals for "Barbie Boy," a short film I'm shooting with Nick Corporon in December. I'm excited to work with Nick for the first time, and to shoot with my Stephen Book classmate William Kidd - we ran into each other at the callbacks and ended up both getting cast. It will be fun to have a "husband" who I've been in acting class with for over a year.

Whew. That was a lot. Maybe that'll teach me to post an update more often. :) Thanks for reading. I'm grateful to be working, healthy, alive, and living my dreams. Hope you're all doing well!