Friday, July 23, 2010

August LA Actor's Tweetup!

We took a bit of a summer break, but we're back on August 9th for another  LA Actor's Tweetup - Bring a Buddy Edition!

LA Actor's Tweetup: noun. 1. Networking event for actors/industry professionals who use twitter and happen to be in Los Angeles at this exact moment. 2. Excuse to put a face with a handle and converse using more than 140 characters. 3. Ridiculously good time with amazingly kind and stunningly beautiful people. And free ping pong.

When  - Monday, August 9th. We'll be there from 6pm until the bar shuts us out. Happy hour goes until 7.

Where - Busby's, 5364 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (google map) Free parking behind the bar/restaurant. Stay tuned to see if we'll be in the private room again.

Theme - Bring a buddy. Whether they're on twitter or not, if you like them, bring them.

Bring your pretty - event photographer Nicholas Sayaan will be snapping away all night.

New to the August edition of the tweetup:

Raffle of Awesomeness - We'll be having a free raffle for the following fabulous prizes:

Free Demo Cutting Reel Deal - Basic Package from Cut My Reel, a $300 value! @cutmyreel 
Winner! Eme Ikwuakor @emeikwuakor

3-Look Headshot Session from Pro Headshots - 3 prizes, a $400 value each! @ProHeadshots
Winners! Woody Schultz @UGottaWoody, Mike B. Nelson @MikeBNelson, and Jen Levin @TheJenLevin

Makeup for one of the Pro Headshots sessions by Makeup Your Mind @makeup_yourmind
Winner and Birthday Girl! Jen Levin @TheJenLevin

Custom actor website design from Webixel - a $200 value! @RominaEspinosa
Winner! Kelsey Link @KelseyLink

A copy of Dallas Travers' The Tao of Show Business 
Winner! Amanda Robins @amandar213

and her Audition Accelerator CD! @dallastravers
Winner! Sheila Daley @shedaley

Please follow our awesome contributors! More prizes to come - please contact me if you'd like to donate!

Promo Table - In a show? Have an actor-friendly side business? We'll have a table for you to place your postcards/promo materials. 

RSVP - If you would like to join us, please leave a comment below so we can have a head count. And leave your twitter handle (e.g. @JohnDoe) so we can start following you. Hope to see you on the 9th!

Sincerely, Your LA Actors Tweetup Hosts

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Humbled by Kindness

We have two more weekends of All My Sons, and I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness of the audience members and reviewers. My friends and family who have come have been awesome and so supportive, but the response from people I had never met has been unexpected and overwhelming. It means so much when people go out of their way to say a kind word, send an email, or "friend" me with a message on facebook. Thank you all.

LA Weekly gave us a "GO!," which was very exciting. Paul Birchall had a fantastic review for the whole show, and had the following specific quote about yours truly: "Webb's sweet, then fierce turn as Annie becomes surprisingly complex as she ultimately wields a weapon that puts the final nail in the villain's coffin..." 

Paul Stroili of LA Talk Radio saw the show and gave a glowing on-air review on "State of the Arts." Here is the link to the June 28th show if you care to listen - the review of All My Sons starts at 24 minutes.

Tony Frankel of titled his review "All My Praise" and was so kind to us that I have to share two quotes in their entirety:
"Kudos to Miss Johnson’s Kate and Miss Webb’s Ann: you can sense the weight-bearing pressure on Kate, who is still not reconciled with ghosts of the past, and the nervous reservations of Ann, who is ready to move into the future. You may want to hold them, comfort them, or shake them out of complacency, but you will be too riveted to turn your gaze from them."
"It is Nicholas S. Williams as Chris who astounds with his authentic vulnerability – it is the performance that dreams are made of: his listening, reacting, internalizing, and discovery should be studied by acting students near and far.  There isn’t a second of falsehood. If you ask why you should seek out small, legitimate theatre in Los Angeles, Mr. Williams is the reason. Watch an actor at the top of his game close up."
The whole review is wonderful and specific and worth a read, and I couldn't agree more about all the other performances - I have a better-than-front-row seat and I am inspired by them every single night. My favorite line from the review: "Certainly, Miller’s ghost tapped director Kiff Scholl on the shoulder during the casting session and said, 'Them.'" Mr. Frankel's review was runner-up for Critique of the Week on Bitter Lemons, where we are also "100% Sweet."

I am so grateful to you all. Thank you. 
There are two more weekends to catch the show! Visit Plays411, Goldstar, or LA Stage Alliance for tickets.