Friday, October 23, 2015

Pick up pick up. Pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up.

Yesterday was my last day at my restaurant job. 

I had been there for three and a half years, and it was time to go. I was scared - money, stability, yadda yadda blah, but with some final pushing from my partner (who I met at said restaurant - definitely the best part) and from my little brother, I finally gave notice. Gulp. "What's next?" was a question I had (have) no answer to.

Over the course of my last couple of shifts, some of my favorite customers came in and we connected, swapped cards, followed each other on Instagram. One guy led with "Hey, I saw you on a commercial in a bar the other night!" I got nothing but support, and it felt meaningful that many of the people I had enjoyed most were coming through the door. It felt like a universal high-five about a decision rightly made.

And then, this morning, I won tickets on KCRW to see the band Kinky. Here is the song that inspired this blog post title - the chorus is the badass bass player Cesar saying "Pick up pick up, pick up pick up pick up pick up."


That would be the pilot I shot in June. Picked up to series. Announced in Variety.

I quite my day job YESTERDAY you guys.

Now, a dose of realism to go along with the excitement - my role was a co-star, with no guarantee of returning. But I spent three days with them and it was oh so much fun. Worst case scenario, I'll be happy to have the IMDb credit at bare minimum, if I don't make it into the pilot edit. The whole team was fantastic and I will forever be happy to have been involved. 

This is just to say - yesterday I tweeted this:

Flying high, friends, full of high-fives. Grateful, happy, excited, and forever a proponent of quitting your job.

Plus I have a date to a concert next Friday night.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I stumbled across your blog, though it has long since been updated. I made the discovery whilst perusing the web and dreaming about leaving the safe career I have built for myself for the life I so desire. Your writing has been informative and entertaining, and I truly hope that you have been doing well on your journey! Thank you for the last 3 or so hours of entertainment!