Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're a hit! Hearts Like Fists at Theatre of NOTE

I'm in a comic book. Live, onstage, with fights. We've got unrequited love, good vs. evil, a vengeful supervillain, and masks. I play Lisa, a "dauntless heroine" (LA Weekly) "femme fatale" (LA Times) "...statuesque flaxen-haired stunner so va-va-va-voomish that aroused construction workers fall to their deaths whenever she passes by.  Adding to Lisa’s particular appeal is her mastery of the martial arts, as Dr. X discovers when the twosome get into a tussle and the blonde beauty manages to karate chop and kick her way to safety..." (StageSceneLA).

I am completely in love with my awesome castmates: Keith Allan, Pierce Baird, Alysha Brady, Grace Eboigbe, Alina Phelan, Rick Steadman, Jennifer Lee Weaver, and Dan Wingard. They are so awesome and talented and dedicated and we are having a BLAST. I can't gush enough. And then there is our incredible director, Jaime Robledo, and our awe-inspiring stage manager, Bebe Herrera.

Reviewers are literally raving:

LA Times Critic's Choice - "'Hearts Like Fists' is the the perfect summer date show: exhilarating, nerdy-sexy, and silly-smart." Charlotte Stoudt – LA Times

LA Weekly Pick of the Week - "Fun well done neatly sums up this brazenly silly and irresistibly funny show." Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

And we're 100% Sweet on Bitter Lemons, the LA theatre review aggregator.
We run Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm until 9/1, with added Thursday 8pm shows on 8/23 and 8/30. Theatre of NOTE is mighty but tiny, so I recommend getting tickets well in advance.

Tickets and more info are available at There are a very limited number of discount tickets on Stubdog and LA Stage Alliance.

So happy. I am having so much fun.

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  1. I just clicked on the "Next Blog" link at the top of one of my blogs for the first time ever, and it sent me here.

    Living the dream. I like that, I guess because I've done some of my own living of dreams. And it's been amazing, even though you usually don't get what you hoped for (or what you thought you wanted). One thing it has taught me over and over is that most people are too chickenshit to even attempt to live their dreams. Instead, they try to live the dreams someone else had for them, and they end up regretting that they never followed their own heart. They end up miserable.

    When you chase your dreams instead of living the life you were told to live, many of the people you meet live through you for a moment or a few hours. And they never forget you, or what you meant to them, even if you never see them again. One of the best feelings ever.

    So good luck living your own dreams. I'll try to keep up with ya once in a while.