Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aaaand we're open!

All My Sons opened last weekend to almost sold-out houses. I was lucky enough to have several friends in the audience opening night (which was also my birthday - great way to celebrate!) and they really enjoyed the show. I love my castmates and everyone did a great job. I'm very excited for our run!

This morning I received my first legit review ever, and I was floored by how kind it was:
"From Webb’s first entrance as Ann, the lovely young actress is perfection, embodying every young man’s girl-next-door ideal and capturing the precise look and sound of the era."
- Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA (Read full review on StageSceneLA)
I can't wait to meet Mr. Stanley, and give him a hug or buy him a drink. Or both.

Backstage also posted their review today, with kind words about my phenomenal castmates and this:
"Webb portrays Ann as a strong, independent woman who is near the breaking point."
- Jeff Favre, Backstage (Read full review on Backstage)
Needless to say I'm very excited. I'll post more reviews as they come.We have a very long run, so hopefully folks will be able to make it.

Tickets and more info here:
And half-price tickets on Goldstar:
And for those who like do their social planning via Facebook:

If any industry folks are reading this, thank you! and let me know if you would like me to reserve you some comps!

Here are some of our press shots:

with Nicholas S. Williams (as Chris Keller)

with Mary Carrig (as Sue Bayliss) (My face in this one cracks. me. up.)

 squeezing Nicholas S. Williams (as Chris Keller) and yelling at CaroleAnne Johnson (as Kate Keller)

Come see the good times in person! And as always, thanks for visiting!