Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Web distribution article! LDW Update!

Long time no post, I know, I'm sorry. I've been truly remiss. Forgive me. Please? Thank you.

I'm excited to link to an article I wrote about web distribution for the awesome actor website Brains of Minerva. Please check it out on their site!

Feel the surl.
So what else is new? I had a great time shooting two days on the new webseries Secret Millionaires. I played a surly nurse and was inexplicably bitchy. This is obviously a huge deviation from my normal character, but it was very fun.

I'm currently in rehearsal with a new improv team for the annual Haunted House of Improvised Horror show. Look for us at the end of October at Improv Olympic. It's gonna be spooky.

Speaking of spooky, yesterday I played a zombie waitress in a spot for a video game. The spot is hilarious and I was pretty terrifying. Nothing like zombie make-up to make a girl feel pretty.

Oh! And I won my first award! I am very flattered to be included in StageSceneLA's Best of 2009-2010 awards category of "Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Drama" for All My Sons. Many thanks to Steven Stanley!

Thursday I'm shooting a spot for Matthews International, which I'm very excited about. I'm also attending rehearsals for Skeleton Stories, the upcoming show at my theatre company, Theatre of NOTE.  I'll be understudying the role of Annie.

That's the update for now. Thanks for stopping by!