Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To The Person Who Left Me This Note

Firstly, Welcome to Los Angeles. You obviously haven't been here that long. Either that, or you have a personal vendetta against trees and are going to attempt to use up the world's supply of paper by leaving such notes on every parking job you dislike.

Second, if you have time to leave such notes in the morning, you are probably a) expendable, and shouldn't be coming in to work, b) coming in to work too early because you have no life, c) allowing time to leave pissy notes for people, because you have no life and it's the only way you can get off, d) channeling your road rage and should not be trusted to drive in this city, e) being That Guy in the Starbucks line who is making everyone else miserable, or f) all of the above. And you have no life.

Third, you have the handwriting of a second grader. Good thing mommy and your secretary do all your communicating for you. You should probably leave it to them.

And, finally, those white lines painted in the parking deck are for parking between. They outline and demarcate a space to be filled by one car, in this case, one that falls into the "compact" category. Apparently you were confused by that. Don't worry. You'll get it.

Thanks for saying hi and have a nice day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

That was fun. Can we do it again?

Filming my first student film scene only confirmed what I have known since I was five - I want to be an actor.

That was a blast. Too much fun! I'm full of superlatives! So. We filmed a three minute scene from the 1974 John Waters movie Female Trouble. I got to play Dawn, the Tranny. It was a blast. For this class, they only got one take, with three cameras rolling. We watched the result from one of the cameras last night after they shot, and it looks great. I'm so excited to have this for my reel. Xan and I really lucked out - the other two girls in the scene were fantastic, and the student director was great. I was so jazzed when we left last night. What fun.

As my first film experience, it was a total slap in the face as to how different it is from theatre. (Well, obviously, but I'll elaborate to make myself sound less dumb.) So many of my theatre instincts had to be checked for this - don't turn out to the audience, don't project so much or the boom operator will hate you, don't look at the audience/camera, keep it smaller, don't balance the 'stage' by spreading out from the other actors, stay close to them, stay in the frame. With this role, I was supposed to be over the top, so some theatricality was appropriate, but it was still a lot to think about. I also saw myself on film for the first time...time to get back on the diet. I'm thinner than I've been in years, but I need to keep at it. And I need to stand up straight. For real. But it was a blast.

This was also a fun project because it was partially and elaborately playing dress-up. I love that. And I love having my make-up done. For your viewing pleasure - Lauren as Dawn the Tranny:

I learned a lot about myself and my acting this week - I am very confident when I have a character/caricature to hide behind. I have no problem going crazy, being big, making choices. A throwback to children's theatre, perhaps? But when it comes to being natural, being simpler, more quietly complex, I struggle. At least right now. I had an audition on Tuesday that I walked out of knowing that I sorta sucked - I was actor-y and unnatural. The student-written dialogue was a little spotty, but I really don't think that's the reason. I've got to figure out how to be real people, and how to be more of myself with characters that are more similar to me. Sounds like it's back to basics for Lauren. Time for a class.

In other news - WE QUIT TRADER JOE'S!!!! I'm very happy about it. Seemingly as an affirmation, there has been a lot of acting stuff going on for both of us already this week. We rehearsed and shot the scene, Xan got sent on two auditions by his quasi-agent, he got called in to interview for being an HBO stand-in, I got an audition for a featured extra in a Bruce Willis film, and I got called to do a spec commercial on Sunday. We're smokin'! Being an actor is awesome!*

(* Can you get paid for doing this??? Can I get paid for doing this? Please?)

Keep it coming. As soon as I get my copy of the scene, I'll post it here. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vacated and Back

New Orleans was great. We had a fantastic time, heard great music, and I got to reconnect with an old friend, which totally made the trip. I would not want to live there, but I do love that city. Also, parades make me cry. Not sure of the reason for that, but when all of the bands were coming by, I was fighting back tears.

Last night I helped audition for the student film scene I'm doing, which is indeed happening. We're doing a scene from "Female Trouble," a 1974 John Waters movie. I'm the lead who, in the movie, is a man in drag. It's a blast. I get to be campy and huge and not worry about it.

The director asked me if I knew any male actors, so...Xan and I have our first project together. There you go. The guy is really nice, and I think it will be fun. I'm just glad to be in something. My first real reel material. Ha.

It was hard to return to Los Angeles...as soon as we got on the plane, the atmosphere was different. Everyone seemed a little more selfish and self-absorbed. I've got to figure out how not to let this place make me crazy. Ideas?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not an artistic week. But Vacation is IMMINENT!

It's been a rough week. I've been feeling the burn of no day off in 6 weeks, and have been substantially burdened by the Temping Blues. But it has all paid off, because I am thirty minutes away from not having to come back for a week. One Whole Week! Which I will spend dancing and moderately consuming Adult Beverages in New Orleans. New Orleans! A Vacation! Wheeee!

Also, I got two exciting emails today - two projects that I don't have to audition for. One is from a student that I auditioned for a few months ago, who left a very nice message that he couldn't use me in that one but would keep me in mind for future projects. And lo and behold, he did! He sent me a message asking which role I would like and telling me when the shoot is. Hot damn.

The second is some project where I will be "non-speaking featured, but not an extra!" So we'll see. But whatever! This is good. I like it.

Thank you, headshot!

Until my return, when I will be jumping back on the wagon...in more ways than one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Being in things is fun

Friday's shoot was quite fun. I was early, which I am learning more and more is always a good idea. Things happen when you're early. This time, since I was the first baby shower attendee to arrive, I was used in one of the external shots - score. I was getting presents out of the car and another girl came and stole one of my presents from behind my back. If I'm lucky, you'll be able to see my bum sticking out of the car door. Double score!

It was quite fun, though - we were shooting two videos for VideoJug, a humorous how-to video site. The video is going to be voice-overed, so we just got to improv being at a party. The producer was very specific and gave us each little objectives for the shots. It was very professional and great that she was so specific. It made me excited to see the final product. I have been checking for it on the website somewhat obsessively, but I have not seen it up there yet. Once it is, I will definitely link it.

Working 7 days a week and working in an office are making me feel like I'm strapped to the life-sucking machine from The Princess Bride - if only Christopher Guest would show up in my life, it might improve. But for now, I need a day off.

Also, since I'm trying to embrace the Los Angeles mindset, I've scheduled a rhinoplasty/liposuction session with a reputable but highly affordable cosmetic surgeon. It's great cause they'll do both at the same time so I only have to pay for one round of anesthesia. What a deal. The doctor thinks he can really do something for the dimples in my elbows. I'm really excited. Here is the doctor's profile.

Will definitely post the videojug links as soon as I see them, and maybe the photos of the new me!